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Family Researchers - The New England Line

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Nola Sue GREENMAN 2401 Shawn Road, Kalkaska, Michigan, 40646 (231) 258-4243
Descends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzillai, Theodore James, Theodore Jackson, Ted Edward, Eleanor Florence married GREENMAN, Nola Sue married CLAWSON. From England to NJ, OH, MI.

Linda Inman CHILTON 95 Wisteria Way, Atherton, CA 94027 - (650) 327-8130
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Elijah, Richard, John B., Israel, Hobart, Arthur Nelson, Linda married CHILTON. From RI to PA, WI, WA and CA.

Descends from Stephen INMAN, Hannah married RANDALL, Chloe married WAINWRIGHT, Clara May married RIORDAN, Cecile Clare married DONER, Robert Bruce, Nancy Ann DONER. 09/04/01

Gail MORAN 4943 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879
Descends from John INMAN, Edward, Joannah married MOWRY, Mercy married SMITH, Rachel married SMITH, Asa, Hezekiah, Eliza married COLE, Charles W., Harriet married O'BRIEN, Thomas, Gail married MORAN. From RI.

Donald E. INMAN 288 Greenwood, Holland, MI 49424 - (616) 399-9694
Descends from Rufus INMAN, Arnold, Nathaniel, Warren Alexander, Burrous, Donald Edward, Donald Edward INMAN. From RI to ME, OH, IA, SD.

Patricia F. LEWIS 1340 Longford Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426
Descends from John INMAN, Edward, Edward, Francis, Aaron, Stephen, Stephen, John R., Elanora married DOTHIDAY, Carrie Dorcas married STEEDLE, Doris Helen married FAUNCE, Patricia married LEWIS. From RI to NJ.

Kathy HEINRICH 2844 Southwood Dr., Westlake, OH - (440) 835-3812
Descends from Benjamin INMAN, Barzilla, Mary married MANCHESTER, Sarah Jane married ROWE, Lyle, Kathryn married ?, Kathy married HEINRICH. From NJ to OH.

Gary Lee WILLIAMS P. O. Box 32, Waldo, WI 53093 - (920) 528-7252
Descends from Alcy INMAN married FROST, Joseph I. R., Alcy Jane married WILBERN, Robert Frost, Katherine J. married PFEIFFER, Kathleen June married WILLIAMS, Gary Lee WILLIAMS. From CT to NY, IL, IA, WI, KS.

Helen GASTON 921 S. Prom, Seaside, OR 97138 - (503) 738-8320
Descends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzillai, Theodore, Mary Catherine married GASTON, Pirl P., Robert W. GASTON. From NJ to OH and OR.

Phillip J. CLARK 444 North Ohio, Hobart, IN 46342 - (219) 942-2606
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Theodore, Oliver P., Elida Clara married CLARK, Merritt, Philip J. CLARK. From RI to CT, OH, IN.

Kate Keller BOURLAND 808 Shenandoah Ave., Effingham, IL, 62401 - (217) 342-3709
Descends From John Inman, Elisha, John, Elisha George, Thomas E., Charity Alice married FISH, Willis Berlin, Beatrice Bellma married KELLER, Kathleen J. married BOURLAND. From VA to NC, IN, IL.

Jerry BARBER Rt. 1, Box 41W, Maud, TX 75567 - (903) 585-9940
Descends from Isaiah INMAN, Jesse Baker, Erastus Yemmons, Mary Ida married BOSWELL, William Harold, Jerry married BARBER. From NY to IN and AR.

Carol Edwards STRONG 4841 E. 18th St., Tucson, AZ 85711
Descends from Abram INMAN, Henry, Azariah, Esther married EDWARDS, Porter Clement, Anne Carol married STRONG. From PA to OH.

Donovan MYERS, Jr Box 596, Bradner, OH 43406 - (419) 288-3231
Descends from Barzillai INMAN. Theodore, Elnera Ella married DISHONG, Floris J., Dorothy Luellen married MYERS, Donovan Eugene MYERS, Jr. From NJ to OH.

Debra Ann MARKOWSKI 1229 Equestrian Dr., Henderson, NV 89015
Descends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzilla, Rebecca married HUFF, Willam, Samuel B., William E., Roberta H. married LOJEWSKI, Debra A. married MARKOWSKI. From England to NJ, OH.

Ruth SEELYE 4201 N. Maplecrest Dr., Sanford, MI 48657 - (517) 687-7036
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Francis, Jeremiah, Francis, Nathan, Nathan, Ezra, Charles Freemont, John Bertie, Howard, Diane married HOOVER, Ruth HOOVER married SEELYE. From RI.

Robert E. HALL 621 Hawthorne Trace, Fairview, PA 16415
Descends from Duty INMAN, Dianna married NASON, Benjamin Franklin, Winifred Pearl married PARKER, Barbara L. married HALL, Robert E. HALL. From ME to MA.

Lynn LOUGHNEY Vancouver, WA
Descends from L. F. INMAN, Annie married PATTERSON, Claud PATTERSON. from MO, OR. 01/24/00

Bonnie Bale TODD 116 Hwy 9, Perry, AR 72125 - (501) 354-8046
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Henry, Henry, Amanda E. married BALE, Charles Warren, Warren Randell, Bonnie married TODD. From PA to IA, KS, IA.

Juliana INMAN 2133 First Street, Napa, CA 94559 - (707) 259-0339
Descends from Ora Homer INMAN, Joseph Cooper, Juliana INMAN married PFEIFER. From IN.

Thomas Carroll INMAN 10497 Town & Country Way #914, Houston, TX 77024 - 
(713) 468-8386
Descends from Isaiah INMAN, Jesse Baker, Erastus Yemmons, Willie Lee, J. T., Thomas Carroll, Sr., Thomas Carroll INMAN, Jr. From NY to IN, AR, TX.

Terry Charles INMAN 206 Eastmoor, East Alton, IL 62024 - (618) 254-1706
Descends from Isaiah INMAN, Jesse Baker, Navaston, Jesse Baker, Terry Charles INMAN. From NY, IN, KY, AR.

Lola MANN 3303 Stonehenge Dr., Richardson, TX 75082 - (972) 644-4177
Descends from John INMAN, James W., Reuben S., James Lemuel, Ethel Lulu married THOROGOOD, Lola married MANN. From NY to OH.

Charles KERNER 289 Garfield St., Kahoka, MO 63445 - (660) 727-2305
Descends from Abel INMAN, Samuel, Abel, Jane Elizabeth married KERNER, Donald, Charles KERNER. From NJ to OH, IN, IA, MO.

Heidi ALLEN 20 Mountain View Rd., Lyle, WA 98635 - (509) 365-2164
Descends from Orval Franklin INMAN, Ricky Joe, Heidi Jo married ALLEN. From OK to OR & WA.

Gregory Scott INMAN 2279 Lovington Dr., Troy, MI 48083 - (248) 588-6925
Descends from Edward INMAN, George Emmet, Willy Ivan, William, George Franklin, Gregory S. INMAN. From RI, MI.

Kimberly PENNOCK 9666 Button Rd., Belding, MI 48809
Decends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzillai C., Theodore J., John, Victor Dale, Victor Ray, Kimberly Jo married PENNOCK. From England to NJ, OH, and MI.

Marilyn REYNOLDS 421 Shoreline Ct., Richland, WA 99352 - (509) 375-0360
Descends from John INMAN, Edward, Edward, Joseph, Bethshebe married DARLING, Phebe married ESTES, Dexter, David Corbin, Augusta married BORST, Charles Manning, Dorothy married REW, Marilyn married REYNOLDS. From RI.

Robert W. SPENCER 1324 Weathervane Lane #2B, Akron, OH 44313 -
(303) 376-3300
Descends from Nathan INMAN and Roena THAYER of RI.

Mary June BARTLETT 111 E. Crest Ave., Bensenville, IL 60106
Descends from Bert Edgar INMAN, Fred Leroy, Mary Winifred married BARTLETT, Mary June BARTLETT. From OH to MY & IL.

Brenda OZOG 35030 Stellwagen Street, Wayne, MI 48184 (734) 467-6965
Descends from Joseph INMAN, Joseph, Jonathon, Rosina married SHENEMAN, John Emanuel, John Lincoln, John Emanuel, Linda married HOLMES, Brenda married OZOG. From MA to PA, OH, IN, MI.

Dale Arthur INMAN 4177 Villa Drive, Redding, CA 96001 - (530) 246-4635
Descends from John INMAN, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Joseph Steven, Daniel, Willard, Chester William, Roy Gustavus, Donovan Emerson, Dale Arthur INMAN.

John L. INMAN 2850 SW Indian Circle, Redmond, OR 97756  - (541) 526-0613
Descends from William INMAN, John, Edward, Edward, Joseph, Stephan, Stephan, Stephen, Charles D., Hiram E., Louis Howard, John Lawrence INMAN . From RI TO NY, SC, MO, AK, OK.

Carolyn J. RIGSBY 10003 Kedgwick Ct., Shreveport, LA 71118 - (318) 688-8674
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Abraham, Abram, Henry, Bazaleel, Samuel C., Manderville, Sharon C., Carolyn C. married RIGSBY. From NE to IA.

Gerald J. RICE HC 72 Box 148, Windsor, VT 05089 - (802) 674-2752
Descends from Edward INMAN, Joanna married MOWRY, Mercy married SMITH, Freelove married EDDY, Jerusha married ANGELL, Noel, Noel, Clarissa married RICE, Charles E., Henry E., Gerald H., Gerald J. RICE. From RI to NH, MA, VT.

Jami DAVIS Madison, WI
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Norval, Frank, Vivian married BENNETT, Janet married DAVIS, Jami DAVIS. From IN.

Marcella Reynolds ROSE 1139 S. Nevada St., Oceanside, CA 92054 - (760) 722-5309
Descends from Matthew INMAN, John, Ann Duncan married WILLIAMS, Hannah Malissa married BLAKESLEE, Inez Florella married REYNOLDS, Archie Rexford, Marcella Jean married ROSE. From England to OH, IN, & IA.

Jacquelyn Inman KLUBER P. O. Box 936, Eagle Point, OR 97524
Descends from John Metcalfe INMAN, George Metcalfe, Richard Pearson, Orval, Jack Arthur, Jacquelyn Louise married KLUBER. From Eng. to WI, IL & CA

Georgia CHIRIELEISON 409 Victoria Ct., Vienna, VA 22180 - (703) 281-5478
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Elijah, Richard, John, John B., Fred Hartzell, Hazel Mae married ?, Phyllis S. married MARSCHKE, Georgia married CHIRIELEISON. From RI to CT, PA, WI, WA.

Roger LEHR 3418 Piute Drive, Provo, UT 84604 - (801) 374-5347
Descends from Elsic (Isaac) INMAN, Ashbel (Archibald), John G., Flora Emma married NEIMEIER, William Ralph, Emilie Suzanne married LEHR. From NY to IL.

Elinor PERLICH 2807 NE 116th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98682 - (360) 694-5244
Descends from Elijah INMAN, Richard, Israel, Richard Spencer, Agnes married BEAMER, Faith Elinor married COOKE, Elinor married PERLICH.

Tamara QUINTON 3965 Lutz Lane, The Dalles, OR 97058 - (541) 298-4941
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Elijah, Richard, John, John B., James B., Christina J. M. married LsCHINE, Hazel married MILLER, Tamara married QUINTON. From RI, CT, PA, WI, KS, WA

Mary Inman MALLOW W5098 Horseshoe Rd., Watertown, WI 53094 -
(920) 261-3181
Descends from John Metcalfe INMAN of ENG., George Metcalfe, Richard Pearson, Richard Frank, Mary Lois married MALLOW. From Eng to WI, IL.

Charles INMAN 2360 County Route 46, Fort Edward, NY 12828 - (518) 638-8723
Author of "Daniel Inman of CT, Ontario, NY and Sugar Grove, IL and his Descendants ca. 1776 - ca. 1976 with Ancestral Notes to the Early Seventeenth Century."

Patricia DOERTER P. O. Box 681694, Franklin, TN 37068 - (615) 794-6269
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Isaac, Austin, Charles G., Ida Estella married HENRY, Bertha Mae married WRIGHT, George Edwin, Patricia Jean married DOERTER. From RI to CT, NY, PA.

Michelle HILLIARD-GOBER 108 Beechnut Court, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 -
(609) 265-8847

Descends from Abel INMAN, John, William, George, Dorothy married HILLIARD, Geneva, Charles, Michelle married GOBER. From NJ.

Claudia BRODERSON 24119 107th Dr. SE, Woodinville, WA 98072 -
(425) 486-4080

Descends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzillai, William, Margaret married Jennings, Ada Mae married DAVIS, Lula Mae married YARNELL, Ada Mae married BOLSER, Claudia married BRODERSON. From NJ to OH, IA and WA.

Leslie CALVERT 1104 W. Tenth St., LaPorte, IN 46350 - (219) 326-6557
Descends from Joseph INMAN, Jonathan, Alamanda, John Henry, Hattie married DOWNS, Arthur R., Patricia married McGEE, Randall married Leslie CALVERT. From ME to OH and IN.

Timothy W. INMAN 39194 Via Las Quintas, Murrieta, CA 92562 - (909) 698-1918
Descends from Cash INMAN, Logan, Jimmy Jack, Timothy Wayne INMAN. From IN.

Jerilyn WOODHOUSE P. O. Box 360, Orient, NY 11957
Descends from Joseph INMAN, Henry, Catherine married HENNCIKE, Dorothy married BECKLEY, Jerilyn married WOODHOUSE. From ENGLAND to NE and KS.

Tanjla R. VASQUEZ 13795 W. Exposition Dr., Lakewood, CO 80228
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Henry, Henry, William James, Serena Blanche married WOOD, Warren J., Tanjla R. married VASQUEZ. From PA to IA.

Alice L. JOHNSON 1201 Holly Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030
Descends from Franklin Herbert INMAN, Fraklin Herbert, Bernice May married HAIGH, Alice Louise married JOHNSON. Also in her line is Valentine Fredric INMAN, Fred S., Florence Ella married McLELLAN, Arthur Augustine McLELLAN. From Orono, ME.

Jacqueline L. BROWN 9882 Welty Rd., Lindley, NY 14858
Descends from John INMAN, Edward I, Edward II, Francis, Aaron, Stephen, Aaron, Jarvis, Ethelyn married BROWN, Leslie, Leslie MacLane, Jacqueline BROWN. From RI to NJ, MD, CT, NY.

Betty Jo LONG 1510 NW Tyler, Topeka, KS 66608 - (785) 235-6523
Descends from Rufus INMAN, Arnold, Samuel Hamilton, Mary Julia married WHITMORE, Elizabeth R. married SWENSON, Carl Albin, Donna Phyllis, Betty Jo married LONG. From RI to ME, OH & KS.

Lyn LOVINS 246 Hart Dr., #1512, El Cajon, CA 92021 - (619) 588-6394
Descends from Edward INMAN, Abraham, Henry, Bazeel, Samuel, Albert, Edgar S., Kenneth Robert, Marilyn J. married LOVINS, Marilyn LOVINS. From MD to PA, IA, MO, and CA.

Maudeen WACHSMITH 1255 Tremont Port Townsend, WA 98368  - (206) 842-7824
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Julia Ann married NEELING, Maude married WEATHERLY, Inez Renee married HAISCH, Maudeen married WACHSMITH. From RI to PA, IN, IA, ND & WA.

Mrs. Barbara BEALL P. O. Box 173, Broomfield, CO 80038 - (303) 556-5477
Descends from from both the TN line of Ezekial INMAN, Meshack, Samuel, Samuel, Elizabeth married SPENCE, Salathiel, William Franklin, Elva Gail married INMAN*, Barbara married BEALL.

And the New England line of Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Joseph, Daniel, Loren, Alonzo, Loren Waiste, Gordon Loren*, Barbara married BEALL. From VA, & RI, to MA, NY, VT, IL, IA.

David C. BLACKWELL 72 Center St., Groveland, MA 01834 - 373-2358
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Joseph, Stephen, Stephen, Prusha married SHELDON, George, Mary Jane married KING, Ruth married BLACKWELL, John, David C. BLACKWELL. From MA to RI.

Ken C. WERDEN 203 Emmet St., Niles, OH 44446 - (330) 652-0833
Descends from William INMAN, John, Edward of RI, Edward, Edward, Abraham, Abram, Henry, Elinor married PENNELL, Madison, Lila Pearl married WERDEN, Albert, Kenneth, Kenneth WERDEN. From RI to MD, PA, OH.

Ann HANSEN 1634 N. Jupiter, #1050, Garland, TX 75042 - (972) 487-0166
Descends from L. INMAN, Sarah married COLE, Vincent, Charles, Viola married LITTSEN, Ann married HANSEN. From NY to OH, IA and TX.

Joan C. BROWN 2502 Rocky Branch Rd., Vienna, VA 22181
Descends from Aaron INMAN, Stephen, Stephan, William C., Araminta married PETERSON, Mary married MILLS, Frances P. married BROWN, William T., Joan C. BROWN. From RI to NJ.

Carol KEITHLEY 4127 W. Amherst, Fresno, CA 93722 - (209) 277-2673
Descends from Abrahm INMAN, Henry, Bazileel, Samuel, Norton, Kitty married STEELE, Edith Mae married WHITE, Edna K. married STEVENS, Carol married KEITHLEY. From MD to PA to MO and IA.

Karen DUNN Dublin, CA 94568
Descends from Abram INMAN, Henry, Bazaleel L., Samuel C., Norton, Kitty D. married WHITE, Edna K. married STEVENS, Karen married DUNN. From NE.

Joseph W. HEEPS North Grosvenordale, CT 06255
Descends from Waite INMAN married Joseph SMITH, Mary married SOVELL, Abigailmarried TUCKER, Emma F. married HEEPS, Charles C., Charles F., Joseph W. HEEPS. From RI, CT, MA.

Nancy KROHN 905 Robin Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 -
Descends from Susan INMAN married DECKER, Peter, Grant, Isabelle married HASCALL, Charles Chandler, Nancy married KROHN. From NJ.

Terry INMAN 40701 Tirso St., Fremont, CA 94539 -
Descends from Able INMAN, Samuel A., William A., Samuel W., Max Howard, Terry Lynn INMAN. From NJ to IN, IA, CA.

Karen CUNNINGHAM 6778 Steven St., Windsor, CO 80550 - (970) 686-0580
Descends from Edward INMAN, Henry Lafayette, Chalres Clifford, Alice Mary married CUNNINGHAM, Karen CUNNINGHAM. From OH, IN, MI, IL, IA.

Katherine NIVISON 23 Meadowood Road, Tolland, CT 06084-3922 - (860) 875-1583
Descends from Edward INMAN, John, John, John, Jesse, Barton, Jesse, Elwyn Brewer, Jesse Elwyn, Katherine married NIVISON. From RI, NY, CT.

Loretta VAIR 8769 S. Wm. Cody Drive, Evergreen, CO 80439 - (303) 674-4386
Descends from Stephen INMAN, John W., Ira Leroy, Lorraine married VAIR. She should descend from the PA branch also.

Kathy JERROW 59603 Sweetwater PRNE, Benton City, WA 99320 - (509) 967-2890
Descends from Edward INMAN, Francis, Aaron, Job, John, Stephen, David Mark, Stephen Henry, M. Charlotte married SPECHT, Lucille married LUNAK, Kathy married WACKER & JERROW. From RI to NJ, OH, WI, LA & MN.

Richard INMAN 5455 S. Hoyt St., Littleton, CO 80123 - (303) 932-2387
Descends from Truman INMAN,  Ira Allen, Lewis Lafeyette, Paul Edward, Paul Allen, Richard Paul INMAN. From VT to MI, WI. He should descend from the PA branch also.

Mr. Loren ROCHESTER 1265 Crossing Ridge Trail, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 -
(608) 837-5120
Descends from Sarah INMAN married ROCHESTER, William I, William II, Raymond, Loren ROCHESTER. From PA, OH, WI.

Mr. Donald BROWN 1448 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 - (607) 273-0579
Researching the line of Edward of RI.

Mr. Lyman CARPENTER Kingman, AZ
Descends from Thomas INMAN of RI. Moved to IL & IA.

Mr. Loren BEOUGHER 9304 E. 81st Street, Raytown, MO 64138 - (816) 356-5789
Descends from Rufus INMAN, Arnold, Sarah married ROBERTS, William, Mabel married SMITH, Vivien married BEOUGHER, Loren BEOUGHER. Of RI, IA, IL, KS & MO. Published "The Inman and Mayhew Descendancy."

Mr. Kenneth J. SMITH 909 Vermontville Hwy., Dimondale, MI 48821
Descends from John INMAN, Benjamin, Barzillai, William, Mary Married SMITH, Franklin, Curtis, Herbert, Kenneth SMITH. Of NJ, OH and MI.

Mr. Nick INMAN 400 Shore Line Dr., Wichita Falls, TX 76308 - (940) 691-1163
Descends from Joseph INMAN, Jonathon, William T., William M., Donald R, Nick INMAN. Of ME, OH, KS & TX.

Carol Jean BILOTTA 147 Phillips Road, Glenburn, ME - (207) 884-7901
Descends from Stephen GOODWIN, Stephen Goodwin, Lewis Bradford, Lewis Bradford, Carol Jean married BILOTTA. All from ME. Visit their homepage.

Linda HICKERSON 423 Montebello Avenue, Ventura, CA 93004
Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Francis, Aaron, Job, John, Stephen, David Mark, Stephen Henry, David M., Roland M., Linda L. married HICKERSON. From RI, NJ, NY, IA, MI, CT, CA.

Full Name Unknown
Descends from Charles INMAN, Warren, Joseph, Warren. Of ME.

Descends from Robert INMAN, Josiah, Elisha, Lawrence Samson, Vicki married McMULLEN. From MD to TN to KY.

Mr. Don JOHNSTON 1015 N. 7th St. S.W., Tumwater, WA 98512 -(360) 709-9404
Descends from Suttons of Northumberland and Westmoreland Counties, VA. Descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Abraham, Abraham, Henry, Elender married ELLIOTT, Elizabeth married DOUGLAS, William, Tennie married CHESHIRE, L. Jack, Jacque married JOHNSTON, Don. Researching the Inmans who came from Kent, England to RI. Abraham to MD and to PA.

Mr. Gregory A. INMAN 1308 Windridge Lane, Fremont, MI 49412 - (616) 924-4830
On Paternal side, descends from Edward INMAN (1620-1706 of RI), John, Valentine, Oziel, Thomas, Earl P., Darius H., Theodore D., Earl Darius, Harold Darius, Harold Darius*, Gregory A. INMAN.
On Maternal side, descends from Edward INMAN, Edward, Edward, Susanna married WALLING, Patience married MASTERS, Elizabeth married HORTON, Elizabeth married HOWELL, George, Fred J., Lyle P., Clara B. married Harold Darius* INMAN, Gregory A. INMAN.
From RI, NY, CT, to MI.

Robert and Gloria "Kay" INMAN Tempe, AZ 85282
Her husband, Bob, descends from Abraham Powers, John Wesley, Clyde Wesley, Raymond Clyde INMAN. From RI or MD to PA, OH. Visit their Home Page.

Charles and Diane INMAN 3715 Skye Court, Earlysville, VA 22936
He descends from Abram INMAN, Henry, Abraham Powers, John Wesley, Ira Franklin, Floyd Franklin, Charles Ira, Charles David INMAN. From RI or MD to PA.

Mr. Greg INMAN 1111 Yverdon Drive, Apt. B-3, Camp Hill, PA - (717) 763-0838
Descends from William Henry INMAN, William Lawrence, Raymond McCoy, Gregory Allen INMAN. From KY, VA, PA.

Margo AMES Aloha, OR 97007
Descends from Edward INMAN, Johannah married MOWRY, Mercy married SMITH, Freelove married ANGELL, Eliphalet married EDDY, Mercy married ANGELL, Jeremiah, Abiah, Lucina married AUBLE, Cordelia married AMES, George, Margo AMES. From RI to MI.

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