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Family Researchers - The Canada Line

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Linda McDERMID of Canada
Descends from William (possibly Arthur) INMAN, Arthur (possibly William), Harry, Charles, Linda married McDERMID. From York, Yorkshire, England to Ontario and Manitoba, Canada.

Doreen Eva LANG Box 5, Aylsham, Saskatchewn, Canada S0E 0C0 - (306) 862-5014
Descends from Robert INMAN, William, Robert (Robin the Bold), Michael, Robert, Christopher, Michael, Whaley Charles, Richard, D'Arcy Conyers, Doris Gwendolyn married COOK, Doreen Eva married LANG. From England to Canada.

Everett P. INMAN
Descends from Richard, son of Richard. Of England. Settled in New Brunswick, Canada. Visit Everett's Home Page. There is a large GEDCOM file available.

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