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I have broken down the researchers into separate pages to keep the pages shorter. Click on the state, or area, of interest to you. Other researchers for that area are listed. Addresses are given where known. You may e-mail these people directly if their name is highlighted. Just click on their name to get to an e-mail form.

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Canada Includes the family of Richard Inman who later
moved to MA, ME, OH.
New England Line Contains researchers on several branches.
1. Edward of Rhode Island.
2. Joseph of Maine.
3. John of Rhode Island.
4. William of New York.
5. Rufus of Rhode Island.
6. John of New Jersey.
SC Line Includes the family of Edward of Wales.
Still Looking Lines being researched:
1. All Kentucky lines.
2. Many lines in OH, IA, IL, MI, KS, NE.
3. Lines from MO, AR, TX not linked.
4. Justice of Vermont.
5. Unlinked branches of NC.
6. Lines of AL and MS.
7. Several lines in OK.
TN Line Includes the line of William of VA and sons:
1. Ezekial - father of Meshack/Shadrach/ Abednego. Includes line that went to OR.
2. Lazarus - whose line went to MO, AR, and TX
VA Line 1. Edmond of Spotsylvania Co.
2. William, descendants to NC and TN.
All Overseas Researchers!