Vol. 2; Nos. 3 & 4 Barbara Inman Beall, Editor Summer/Fall 1996


A Word From the Editor
Ancestors with Washington's Army at Valley Forge
The Inman Nose
From Gloria "Kay" Vandiver Inman

A Word From the Editor

The last two issues for the present Volume of Inman Innings have been combined. Work on my dissertation has taken more time than I could possibly imagine, placing my work on these newsletters on the back burner. Because most of my time this next year will be devoted to completing my dissertation, I have decided not to produce Inman Innings this next year. Once the dissertation has been completed and defended, I may decide to continue the newsletter, but I will not make any promises at this time. I would consider publishing an Inman Inning Yearbook, which would come out once a year, if the interest is there.

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Someone on my Hopper list sent me four attachments (to my personal e-mail address--not to the list). They were initially created in Octet Stream. I have Windows '95, and I could never get into those attachments. I even copied them to a diskette and took them to my college, where I was informed that they did not have the software to read them either. The end result is that the party faxed the original documents to me. I could read those!

My other news is that I have a new e-mail address:

My mscd address is still valid, but I am attempting to move all my genealogy lists and mail to my America on Line address and keep the mscd address for school matters only.

I have really enjoyed writing this newsletter. I met some interesting people: all of you. I want to stay in touch with you. It is easier to correspond with me on-line, however, than it is by snail-mail. E-mail is so much faster and since my time is so limited any more, I just really don't have the spare moments to answer by regular mail.

May I wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ancestors with Washington's Army at Valley Forge

My husband was admitted to the Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge this past year. He received his membership roster and while glancing through it, I stumbled across an Inman who served with George Washington during that terrible winter.

The following is a list of patriot ancestors by military unit at Camp Valley Forge:

59. 4th Virginia
Thomas Baldwin/Bauldin PVT
Pierce Dant Hamblin PVT
Samuel Hudgins PVT
Isham Inman SGT
William Johnson CPL
William Millner PVT
Stephen Rose PVT
David Saunders SGT
Aaron Smith PVT
Thadeus Hardwidge Warmoth PVT(1)

Apparently, Isham Inman was represented in the Society by Joseph F. Inman, who is now deceased.

If anyone is interested in the society, you may contact:

The Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge

Post Office Box 915

Valley Forge, PA 19482-0915

The Inman Nose

An interesting discussion unfolded recently concerning a phenomenon known as "The Inman Nose" when one correspondent remarked that it was a common trend in his family. His statement intrigued me because my sister has the "Inman bump" on the bridge of her nose; so does my daughter--and my son has a slight bump on his. So I posted a query on the list: how many Inmans have this bump? The following is a compilation of responses, many of which include introductions:

Yes--the Inman nose can certainly be described as a "hump" high on the bridge of the nose. I have it, my father had it, and my son (lives in Leeds, Yorkshire, England) has it.
I'm not aware of any redheads from the information I have, much of which comes from a book by Harry Speight about Nidderdale, and includes the John F. LePage family tree titled "Royal Descents of Le Page, Bayles and Inman. Have not digested the remainder of Barbara's words yet - wanted to get the "nose response out...
David Inman
[From the same researcher]
Hello, my name is David Inman. I can only trace my ancestors to a Samuel G. Inman b. 1786 in Alabama, married to Hannah Little b. 1798 in Alabama. They had five children: Samuel, Thomas, Margaret, Jinifer, and Ann.
David Inman
I have read the group for sometime. Have not-up to now- participated much as I am a recent immigrant to the USA (1979) and have very little information on the American Inman line (I have, of course, learned much from everybody's postings).
As to my own ancestry: I am satisfied that I am a direct descendant of Edwin Inman of Ridgeway, Sheffield, England (b. 1811 d. 1873).
I believe that Edwin's father was a Thomas Inman of Sheffield - but the evidence I have is very circumstantial.
I also believe that I am a direct descendant of Robert Inman (1539-1568) who's grandson Robert is sometimes mentioned in the group (Bold Robin of Bouthwaite). My belief is based on family features - what I know as the Inman Nose! If I had a scanner I could post a silhouette, which would give some idea of this particular characteristic.
I have no evidence that any Inmans are descended from John of Gaunt. The Royal descent of the Inmans that I am aware of goes back to William I of England, but does not pass through John of Gaunt. The Inman link to Royalty as determined by a John F. Le Page, MD is through the marriage in 1746 of Michael Inman (descended from Robert (Bold robin) Inman and Deborah Bayles. Deborah carried the link back to William I. To my knowledge there are no surviving members of the line from Michael and Deborah in the Inman side. Whether the Inmans came mostly from Lancashire or Yorkshire I cannot determine. Bouthwaite is in Yorkshire (near Pately Bridge) and I have visited there. Bold Robin's house is still there, and currently the residence of a professor from Leeds University. North Pasture House, Nidderdale, also associated with Robert is also still standing, and is a working farm.
There are many references to Inman family members in the Palely Bridge area.
I will be most interested if anyone has information on the inman descent from this Robert (Bold Robin), and will be delighted if anyone has anything relevant to more recent members of the Inman family in England that might help me find the link which I am sure exists from Edwin Inman back to Robert.
Are there any Inman family members following the group that were born in England, or currently live there?
David S. Inman
Aloha, Oregon, USA
Wow, what a break-through for me was the simple comment about the Inman nose. I too share that characteristic, as do others in the family. My gg grandfather Edward Inman was born in South Carolina about 1812, traveled with his family to Georgia, and was orphaned as a child. He was taken on the [sic] Florida by the Stephens or Stephenson family and remained there the rest of his life, so far as I know. He was an Indian scout and fought in the Indian wars in Florida. He married Zella Bryant and they had at least five children - Arthur, Benjamin, Jesse, Elizabeth, and Martha. I am descended through his son Arthur, who was born March 22, 1849 in Gadsden county Florida and his wife Rebecca Sloan (Rebecca's sister was also married to one of my Clark ancestors). Arthur and Rebecca had three children - William Edward, Benjamin Franklin, and Rebecca. William married Ella Jane Clark and they had twelve children, most of whom died in early childhood. The four that survived are still living. William Edward Jr., Benjamin franklin, and John Milton all still live in Florida. I am descended through their youngest child and the only daughter to survive, Ellajane who married Cecil Calvin Sutley.
I will be glad to furnish full names, dates, and locations to anyone who is working this "southern" line of the family. Since Inman is such a common name and Edward was supposedly orphaned as a child (one report about him called him a runaway, so I'm not sure), I have felt a little isolated because I didn't have any real facts to connect him to any of the South Carolina Inmans of that time period and for all I know, they could have been enroute from North Carolina or another location when he was born in South Carolina before they moved on to Georgia. After I had read the report that he was a runaway, it even occurred to me that his real name might not have been Inman. Therefore the recent discussion about the family nose has been a real ray of encouragement to try to look deeper into his roots. I'm not sure when I can get to make a trip to Georgia or South Carolina and I've tapped out all of the local resources on that line without more information. Therefore any light anyone can help shed on this puzzle will be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so rambling.
Marie Sutley Dallas
I don't have the Inman nose but I am descended from John Inman & Sarah Fielder of Union Co. South Carolina. Their son John, Jr., born ca.1826 Union Co., married Winnie Adelaide Going and moved to Etowah Co., AL.
T. Jackson
I have been attempting on and off for some time to trace my Inman line back past a Jonathan Inman born in Penobscot Co., ME in 1803. Evidently, there were quite a number of Inmans in the Penobscot and Hancock Co. Areas of Maine during the 1790-1840 time frames. It appears that quite a number of these Inmans were descended from a Joseph Inman and a Rufus Inman. I acquired a book that was published concerning the Rufus Inman line, and it didn't appear to tie my Jonathan Inman to the Rufus line, but I have no connection established to Joseph either.
I would love to hear from anyone that has information on the Penobscot, Hancock Co. ME Inmans from the 1790 - 1820 time frames. My Inmans moved to Maine shortly after that.
Nick Inman
The Inman line I first find in Newberry Co., SC. I have so little documentation I hate to post but will as a way of introduction. Edward Inman b. 1699-1707 died 2 July 1774 Newberry Co., SC. He married Jemima Haworth. Children: Jehu, Benjamin, Joshua. Possible children: Henry, Rufus, Hannah, George and John.
Through Benjamin Inman and his wife Mary my line continues in Newberry Co. Where Benjamin's will was proved 20 may 1799. Their children: Ahab, Arthur, Benjamin, Jehu, Ferrely?, Charles, Elizabeth and George.
I am trying to trace my INMAN side of my family. My mom was an Inman. Her father's name was FRANKLIN HERBERT INMAN, born in Orono, Maine, Jan. 8, 1886. Died in Winthrop, Mass. On march 12, 1935 of pneumonia. Buried in Winthrop Cemetery, Winthrop, Mass. He married EDITH MAUD SOPER from Bonavista, Newfoundland.
My ggrandfather's name was FRANKLIN H. INMAN. I don't know what the H stood for, perhaps Herbert. He was born in Maine. He married a C. DAWSON from Nova Scotia. My ggrandfather had a sister named FRANCES E. INMAN. She married the brother of C. DAWSON. She lived in Boston in 1938. I found an old address of a FLORENCE E. INMAN, 22 First South St., Bar Harbor, Maine. I have no idea how she is related. That's all I know about the Inmans on my side.
I have an old letter that I found dated 1937 saying that after a careful search no birth records of FRANKLIN HERBERT INMAN were found in Orono, Maine. The town clerk said that very few births were recorded before the year 1892, as it was not made a law until 1892 that they had to be recorded. I also have a 1938 certified letter called AFFIDAVIT OF BIRTH FOR W.P.A. RECORDS. It is signed by my grandfather's sister saying that Franklin was her brother and was born in Maine, etc. A notary Public signed it and it has his seal on it. Does anyone know what W. P.A. Records were?
Alice Johnson
1201 Holly Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93030
I don't have much information on my Inman line. My great grandmother was Maria Inman b. 13 June 1848 in Mayfield KY. She married Thomas Jefferson Grogan in Texas Co., MO 3 Mar 1881. It was Jeff Grogan's 2nd marriage. They lived in Texas Co. And Maria died 5 July 1913 and is buried in Big Creek Cemetery in Texas Co. MO.
I don't know who her parents or siblings are and I am very interested in any leads. There is a Uriah Inman buried in Ozark Cemetery in Texas Co. MO who could be related to her but I'm not sure.
Gloria Inciong
Kula Maui HI
I (Everett P. Inman-165, generation #6) am descended from Richard Inman m. Margaret Murchison on the Isle of Skye, Scotland on 30-Sep-1820 and was in Kilburn, Victoria, N.B., Canada by 1834.
1--Richard Inman -
   sp-Margaret Murchison - 
   2--James Inman - (1834) 
      sp-Matilda Ann Wright - (1837) 
      3--William Zebulon Inman - (1859) 
         Sp. Edith Everett - (1861) 
         4--Naomi Beatrice Inman - (1883) 
         4--Alfred Owen Inman - (1884) 
            Sp-Bertha Pearl Green - (1888) 
               5--Alfred Lee Green Inman - (1916) 
 		  Sp-Barbara Maxfield - (1920) 
		  6--Robin Inman - (1951) 
		  6--Peter Tristram Inman - (1953) 
		  6--Iantha Inman - (1955) 
		     Sp--Ruth Anice - (1919) 
		  6--Christopher Inman - (1944) 
	       5--Gilbert Earl Inman - (1920) 
		  Sp-Helen Edna Goodwin - (1924) 
		  6--David Owen Inman - (1946) 
		     Sp. Claire Gagne - (1945) 
		     7--Matthew Wayne Roberg - (1966) 
			Sp-Sheryl Roberg - 
			8--Alicia Marie Roberg - (1992) 
		     7--Bernice Louella Inman - (1973) 
			Sp-Shawn Roberg - 
		  6--Everett Paul Inman - (1950) 
		     7--Valerie Kim Inman - (1976) 
			Sp. Madelyn - (1923) 
	       5--William Everett Inman - (19220 
		  Sp-Bertha Arline Arel - (19220 
		  6--Vaughan William Inman - (1949) 
		  6--Joyce Caroline Inman - (1953) 
		  6--Deborah Teresa Inman - (1958) 
		  6--Stephen Michael Inman - (1956) 
		     Sp-Victoria Ann Adolphson - (1956) 
		     7--Michelle Marie Inman - (1979) 
 		     7--Mark Stephen Inman - (1981) 
		     7--Adam Lawrence Inman - (1985) 
	       5--Ida Cora Inman - (1924) 
		  Sp-Paul Allen Wormwood - (1922) 
		  6--Rae Allen Wormwood - (1942) 
		  6--Linda Louise Wormwood - (1944) 
		  6--Anne Marie Wormwood - (1946) 
		     Sp-William "Harry" Payne - (1916) 
		  6--William Payne - (1960) 
		  6--Kathleen Jane Payne - (1962) 
		     Sp-Andrew Jules Gilkerson - (1959) 
         4--Bertran Lee Inman - (1886) 
            Sp-Florence Fillmore - (1885) 
	 4--Fern D. Inman - (1896) 
	 4--Geneva Pearl Inman - (1903) 
Everett P. Inman
Looking for the parents and siblings of George Washington Inman, born June 1, 1830 in Tennessee, died November 26, 1906. Married Rhoda Pathula Ramsey, b. Oct. 1, 1834, d. Dec. 1, 1873. 2nd wife: Lucy Fowler, b. Oct 13, 1872, d June 14, 1956.


Does anyone out there have any information concerning a Rufus Inman from the New England area during the Revolutionary War? I have heard that he was supposedly a patriot?

Does anyone know his line and story???
Nick Inman
Does anyone in the group know who Charles T. Chilton's (b abt 1780) father was? He is not mentioned in Thomas Chilton's will (Jefferson County, TN.) I have him married to Rachael Inman, (b abt 1780). Is Rachael Shadrach's (b. Jan. 25, 1746/47) daughter? I don't know what to do with these two people...Help.
Carolyn Proffitt Winch
All I know about my Inmans is that they were born in Highland Park Illinois around the 1870s. My grandfather Eli Granger Inman was born there in 1875 and dies in 1950. He had a brother Fred and a sister whose name I do not know. There are a number of other Inmans who died in the early part of this century and are buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago who are related but I do not know in what manner.
Oh, a question perhaps someone could answer. Grandfather Eli was a SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) but through an Inman, rather through a Capt. Peter Withington. I think that I could obtain more information on Grandfather Eli's descent through his SAR application (I have done this using a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) application for another ancestor), but I do not know how to access the SAR application. Can anyone help by telling me a source of such applications/
H. K. Reed

A Summary of the Inman Nose Response

The Inman nose appears to have been (and still remains) a prominent characteristic through several major Inman lines. After glancing through the responses to my question, I have found the Inman nose in lines from the following:

When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego traveled from England to America in 1765, many people aboard their ship remarked how much they resembled the Liverpool Inmans. That common resemblance in question referred to the Inman nose. Quoting from an old anonymous manuscript "The Inman Family History: America":

The Inman family of whom we will speak, from the early ages realized [that] 'He visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children' and have taught their descendants as did Joshua of old "as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord." Even the Coat of arms which the English family has borne for centuries unknown, carried out the principles and used the following motto: "In Dominus Confidio." This item in regard to the derivation of the Inman name and Coat of Arms was furnished by Mr. John D. Hugn of Boston and was copied from a magazine, "English Notes and Queries," first series, Vol. IX, pp. 198 and 253. "The family of Inman, Ionman or Ingman, variously spelled, derived from John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and are therefore descendants of Edward III of England. This family being strong adherents of the house of Lancaster raised a troop int he Royal cause under the Duke of Newcastle, and were at the fatal battle of Marston Moor, where several of the brothers were slain, the rest dispersed and the property confiscated by Cromwell's party, 1650-1652. Their Coat of arms is strongly Lancastrian and may have been granted them during "The War of the Roses."(2)

I have a recommendation to make concerning the origin of the "Inman nose." On your next available opportunity, take a look at some of the old portraits painted of John of Gaunt. I think that you will find his nose to be interestingly familiar.....

From Gloria "Kay" Vandiver Inman

[Editor's note: I thought the enclosed charts may benefit researchers. These were sent to me last summer, which permission to publish. I published the Rhode Island and North Carolina lines]

Dear Inman researcher,

While I am particularly interested in the ancestors of Henry Inman, (my RN [record number] 1028 as outlined by the descendancy report (or family group sheet) attached, I am also interested in his son's mother-in-law, Elizabeth INMAN Hill Thatcher (RN=1037) for whom I have also attached either a family group sheet or descendancy report.

Regarding recent queries as to Henry's ancestry, I received the attached emails on the internet. Neither contained any documentation to verify at this time. The first is from Barbara Beall, and the second is from Shirley Moore. (See attached)

If I am sending full descendancy reports, they are to show disconnected lines (IN MY COMPUTER) that I PERSONALLY have not connected to any other major lines. All (RN=xxx) refers to Record numbers in MY COMPUTER ONLY

A. Ezekiel INMAN 9RN-8178). I have been especially interested in this line for a very long time for 2 reasons. 1). The proximinity to Henry in PA, and ... 2). The proliferation of "Henrys' throughout this line. The recent email from Shirley Moore indicates that Ezekiel and Henry Inman were twin brothers.

B. John INMAN (RN-17014) line has always been interesting to me because Abednego and John Ritchie Inman (broth sons of this John) married women born in Frederick C, MD.

C. Abel INMAN (RN-5104) (possibly son of Edw. & Eliz (Bennet) Inman?) Line has interested me because his son, Benjamin had a son, Barzillai Inman. Now I find this is a rather rare name, and our Henry named his first son Bezel or Bazeel (depending on what records you are looking at), which is also a rather unique name (either spelling, in my opinion) and perhaps a take-off of Barzillai??? ALSO, Barzillai's sister, Elizabeth Inman, dau of Benjamin, and granddau of this Abel, looks like a promising candidate for our Elizabeth Inman who married Daniel Hill, and then Abraham Powers Inman, son of our Henry.

D. Edward INMAN (Rn-7897), who md. Elizabeth Bennett. I have always been interested in this line because...1) I have so few descendants who might be connections. 2) Elijah Inman Jr. (RN-7776), son of Elijah, son of this Edward, died in Westmoreland Co, PA. 3) This Edward has a son Abraham (possibly appropriate time frame???) With nothing further, that looks like a likely prospect for further investigation.

E. Henry INMAN (RN-1028), who is OUR line is included for clarification and documentation, as well as Elizabeth INMAN Hill Thatcher, both of whom we are searching for ancestors.

* * * * *

Subj: Re Inman
Date: 96-07-02 10:36:30 EDT
From: (Barbara Beall)
To: (Inman Family Discussion List)
I downloaded some information on this family at our local family History Center. It gives the father of Henry Inman as ABRAM INMAN, b. Ca 1732 (no date of marriage or death) and NETTIE? (B. Ca. 1736). That was the day I was on a John Inman search, and I have John Inman (b. 8 Jun 1788, beaver, Pa), the son of Henry Inman (b. 25 Sep 1758, Frederick, MD; d. 27 May 1845, Beaver, Pa), m. Esther Powers (b. 30 Sep 1767; d 29 Dec 1850, beaver, Pa). She was the daughter of Abraham Powers (b. Ca. 1741) and Phoebe ???, b. Ca 1745. Henry and Esther were married 25 Jan 1784.
I think I have some other information on these people, but I will have to dig thought he piles of papers on my desk. I know I ran across something about them recently at the library.
Subj: Re: Inman Orphans 1850
Date: 96-07-04 17:01:30 EDT
From: (Shirley A. Moore)
Ok, that's close to my line.
My Ezekiel would be Henry's great-nephew. Supposedly. Our family authority that went to England (died in Jan at 84, God rest his soul) tells it like this.
There was this Robert that had son William b. 1723 Frederick Co MD. He had four sons William b. Abt 1761, Henry, a twin, b. 9-25-1758, Ezekiel, a twin, b. 9-25-1758, and an unknown brother b. Abt 1756 and killed by Indians between April and August 1776. All the sons were supposed to have been born in Maryland. Ezekiel went to Allegheny Co. Penn where he had another William b. Abt 1779. He is supposed to be the father of my gggg grandfather Ezekiel b. In 1803 in Tenn but lived in KY. Ezekiel had a set of twins, one of which I came from.

Enclosed were two descendant's charts for Carolyn's family. To view the lineage of Gloria Vandiver Inman, click here to go to her page in the database.

1. Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge, Membership Roster 1991 with indices to Valley Forge Patriots and Military Units Stationed at Camp Valley Force December 19, 1777- June 19, 1778, pp. 86-87.

2. "The Inman Family: America."