Vol. 1; No. 4 Barbara Inman Beall, Editor March/April 1995


Inman Family Reunion, 1917


These records were obtained from an LDS Microfilm and were the property of Cecil Beeson of Hartford City, Indiana, who purchased the ledger containing these records at public auction. The front page of the ledger indicates that it was opened for record on August 20, A.D. 1916 in Washington Township, Hamilton County, State of Indiana. Apparently, the people named on this page were descendants of an Edmond Inman, born in Spottsylvania County, Virginia. The names listed on this page appear as follows:

W. H. Inman, born May 2, 1875, Hamilton Co. Indiana
Alice (Mills) Inman, born Nov. 19, 1879, Hamilton Co. Ind.


Edna Amanda
Warren Henry
Edmond Herschell.

Another name, bearing a check mark, appears at the bottom of the page:

Robert C. Inman; Borne (sic) Wythe County, VA Jan. 11, 1840, bro. of Wm. Henry.(1)

This old ledger appears to be a compilation of many Inman families, all of whom attended an Inman Family Reunion August 26, 1917 at the home of William A. Inman, near Millgrove, Indiana. The reunion lasted for several days at various locations. A list of Inmans attending suggests that most of these people lived in Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Inman Reunion, Aug. 26-1917 at the Home of
Wm. A. Inman, near Millgrove, Ind.

Near Windsor Ind. W. E. Dudley, Elizabeth E. Dudley, Parker Ind.
Oscar Inman, Millgrove, Ind.
L. O. Dickson, Elizabeth Dickson, Harold Dickson, Windsor, Ind.
Walter C. Inman, Westfield, Ind.
Emma B. Inman,       "              "
Mary Cecil Inman " "
Rebecca Inman " "
Sybil Inman Smith " "
Willie N. Smith " "
Thomas W. Inman, Pastland, Ind.
John Inman, " "
Edgar Inman " "
Eva P. Inman " "
Ruts(?) E. Inman " "
Rose Inman " "
Morton Geiger, 259 S. 9 Street, Woblesville, Ind.
Martha (Inman) Geiger " " "
Mary Geiger " " "
Clyde Inman, 11 Ross Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio
Harry Patten, Westfield, Indiana
Laura Inman Patten, Westfield, Indiana
Evan J. Casson, Westfield, Indiana, RR. # 28
Lenna Inman Casson
Reta M. Casson
Iva Roberta Casson
R. J. Moomaw, Dunkirk
Thomas E. Dickson, Farmland, Ind.
Mary A. Dickson " "
Nora Inman, Millgrove, Ind.
D. W. Inman, Versailes, Ohio
Charles W. Inman, Hartford City, Indiana
Martin White, Hartford City, Indiana
Robert Inman, Dunkirk Indiana
Ternley Barr, Hartford City, Indiana
Iona Barr, Hartford City, Indiana
George DeVauls, Dunkirk, Indiana
Merle DeVauls, Dunkirk, Indiana
Mrs. Kenneth Hudson, 1705 S. Jefferson, Muncie, Indiana
Kenneth Hudson " " " "
Marion B. Hudson " " "
Isaac Inman
J. H. Inman, Dunkirk, Indiana, N.W. St. 459
S. A. Inman
Raymond Inman, Dunkirk Ind., N.W. St. 459.
Lucy White, Mildred White, Margaret Inman, Hartford City, Ind.
D. O. Dickson, Lizzie Dickson, Parker, Maryland
Mrs. Susanna Ritter, Versailles, Ohio
Reva A. Inman, Millgrove, Ind.
H. W. Stewart, Montpilier, Ind.
Mrs. H. O. Stewart
Miss Lena Inman, Dunkirk, Ind.
Gaynell Williams, Versailles, Ohio
Mrs. Naomi Williams " "
Miss Mary Williams " "
Mr. Marion Williams " "
John Walker, Hartford City, Ind. R.R.S. Bx. 95
Abigail Walker " " "
Gora Vannatti, " " "
Ensma O. Stewart
John H. Stewart, Hartford City, Ind.
William A. Inman, Hartford City, Ind., RR #7
Mary E. Inman " " "
Harold D. Inman " " "
Carol Inman " " "
E. M. Inman, Millgrove, Ind.(2)


Inman Reunion, Hines Park, Ind. Aug 19-1917

Lenna M. Casson (Inman)
Evan J. Casson, Westfield, Indiana, RR. #28
Reta M. Casson
Iva Roberta Casson
John E. Pfaff
Emily J. Pfaff, Noblesville, Ind., West Cherry St. 53
Laura Inman Patten Westfield, Ind. Box 112
Harry B. Patten
Ross Inman Noblesville, Ind. 233 S. 9th St.
Grace Inman " " "
Margaret Inman " " "
Laurence Inman, Noblesville, Ind. 413 S. 10 St.
Goldie Inman Noblesville, Ind, 413 S. 10 St.
Annabel Inman, Noblesville, Ind., 413 S. 10 St.
Mary A. Pfaff, Noblesville, Ind. 121 E. Division St.
Wall E. Pfaff, Noblesville " " " "
Walter Inman, Westfield, Route 1
Emma Gray Inman, Westfield
Rebecca Inman,
Mary Cecil Inman, Westfield, Ind.
Sybil Inman Smith
Mrs. Frieda Inman, Startford City, Ind.
Mr. Luther E. Inman, Startford City, Ind.
Rev. Thomas W. Inman, Portland, Ind
Mrs. Lydia Jane (Cox) Inman " "

Earl C. Inman, Valparaiso, Ind.
Ethel (Inman) Matteson, Glens Falls, New York
Mabel (Inman) Warnock, Toledo, Ohio (later at Bucyrus, O)
Eva Inman, Portland Ind.
Ruth Inman, Portland, Ind.
John Inman, Portland Ind.
Edgar Inman, Portland, Ind.
Rose Inman, Portland, Ind.

Susanna (Inman) Ritter, Versailles, Ohio, 86 this 27 of  August (With Uncle David)
Neva Inman, Millgrove, Ind (Maiden name Armstrong) Marion
Abigail Walker, Hartford City, Ind. RR 5
John Walker, Hartford City, Ind. RR 5
D. W. Inman, Versailles, Ohio, Rural Rout No. 2 Box 29
Mary E. Dragoo, Centerville, Penn.
Mr. J. V. Bankson, Greenville, O, 524 Grey Ave.
G. M. Williams, Versailles, OH, Aunt Susanna, Jon Maried (sic)
Naoma A. Williams " 1890
Gaynell Williams " Grand daughter July 9
Mary L. Williams " "
Charles W. Inman, Hartford City
Margret Reading Inman " "- M. 1878
Mildred Ardath White, (dau.)
Martin White (Father)
Lucy Luella Inman White (Mother)
E. M. Inman, April 23, 1863, Millgrove, Farmer
Joe H. Inman, Jan 21, 1870, Millgrove Ind. Glass Manufr.
Lena Inman, Dau. of J. H. Inman, Dunkir, Ind.
Ethel Dragoo, Centerville, Penn.
Geo. Upton
Mrs. G. W. Upton, 801 W. Commercial St. Hartford City, Ind.
Harvy C. Whitmer, son of Mrs. G. W. Upton
Mrs. V. J. Bankson, 524 Grey Ave., Greenville, Ohio
Mr. V. J. " " " " "
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Williams, Greenville, O, RR 4
Mrs. Blanch Hartman, Hartford City, 415 W. Grant
Miss Flora Cale. Hartford City, Route 5
Miss Zora Vannatti, Hartford City, Ind. RR 5 Box 95
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Inman, Millgrove, Ind. RR 8
Cecil, Mildred, Thelana, Zora J. Inman
Miss Addie M. Whitmer, 801 W. Commercial St., Hartford City, Ind.
Mrs. Harold Inman, Hartford City, Ind.
Mr. Fernley barr, Hartford City, Ind.
Mrs. Fernley Barr, Hartford City, Ind.
Rebecca Sanden, Hartford City, Ind.
Mrs. Ella Sebring, Hartford, City, 415 W. Grant St.
Anna E. Anguish, Millgrove, Ind.
Maida G. Anguish
Ruth A. Anguish
Florence M. Anguish
Eva Lois Anguish
Leah J. Anguish
Alvin R. Anguish
Oscar Inman
Isaac Inman
F. D. C. Inman
Ira Newton Inman, Millgrove, Ind.
Reva A. Inman & Luther C. Inman
Clyde Inman, Leon, Ohio
I. I. Inman, Janesville, Wis.(3)

Each family group wrote a short history about their progenitors. According to Reva Inman, Daughter of Isaac:

Ahab Inman, b. in North Carolina: had sons Samuel, Benjamin, Joshua, Jehu, and Bill, and dau. Elizabeth

Samuel Inman, b. Apr. 29, 1802 m. Abagail Dickson, Nov. 17, 1825 who was B. May 6, 1805 and D. May 24, 1857. Matilda Inman (2nd wife) D. July 23, 1863.

Samuel Inman D Feb. 27, 1879-had children as follows:

  1. Ahab 2nd, B. Nov. 14, 1826, D. Feb. 10, 1827
  2. Elizabeth, B. Feb. 4, 1828. In Kansas
  3. John H. B. Feb. 28, 1830. d. Sept. 27, 1893. Buried
  4. East Millgrove Cemetery, Blackford Co., Ind.
  5. Mary, B. Sept. 13, 1835. Living in Kansas
  6. Sarah, B. Aug. 14, 1837. D. Mar. 26, 1896
  7. Eli, B. Feb 19, 1842

Isaac, B. Apr. 24, 1844. Route 8, Millgrove Ind. Issue (see p. 148. [Editor's Note: the last 6 names to sign the ledger above] Died Mar. 25, 1937.

Selina J. B. Feb. 18, 1847. d. Dec. 26, 1895. Anderson, Ind.

Andrew D. B. Jan 12, 1849. Lives in Kansas

Charles W. E. B. Oct. 16, 1859 " " Hartford City, Ind.(4)

A note on the next page of the ledger indicates:

Samuel Inman's brothers were Joshua, died unmard.
Jehu's son Chas. to Ill & dau. Bettie
Ben. to Logan [illegible] then to Chi.
Sister married Russel Dayton.(5)

The issue of Barton and Louisa Inman are given as

  1. Elvira I. B. Oct 17-1830, Plymouth N.Y. D. 12.17-1882
  2. Sarah-B. Oct 8 1832 " " D. 1834
  3. Hannah M. B. Jan 24, 1838 " " D. Mar 1861
  4. Mary S. B. June 7, 1840 " " D. Dec. 1847
    (Mar. 12, 1862)
  5. Jesse B. Apr 15, 1834 " " D. 8-30-1904
    M. Betsy Brewer
  6. Andrew B. Feb. 20, 1836 " " D. 9-1901
    M. Helen Geers.

Jesse B. - Elwyn, De Ette (Smith), Clayton

Andrew - Frank, Seroy

Wm. B. Inman B. 1843 " " M. Eliza Colwell at Sherburne, N.Y.

Elwyn is of Mansfield Centre, Conn. Has 2 sons

De Ette of Norwich, N. Y. has 1 son and 1 dau

Clayton has 1 son and 1 dau.(6)

Early material in the ledger relates to Julia A. Inman, D. W. Inman, Leizzie Inman, Josephine Inman, and Charles H. Inman:

Julia A. Inman Born Oct 27, 1847, married to Steven Delaf., Live at Russel, Iowa
D. W. Inman, Born at Beantsville (?) Ohio Feb. 22, 1849. Married to L. E. Ether April 22, 1877.
Leizzie Inman Born May 7, 1850, Married to Stu Dennison
Josephine Inman, October 1852, Married Perry Licker. Died at Centerfield? Kan. 1903
Charles H. Inman, Sept 27, 1854, Died Westfork, Arkas. 1903 Second Marriage

Wasten V. Inman, Spring Valley, Iowa

My Ancestor was Edward Inman, born in Wales about 1708, Settled in London, England. Had a family of 5 sons and 2 daughters. the 2 daughters died in early life. Henry Inman, Eldest son, Joined The English nave at 18 years of age. died in The English Navy as Captain of ship sunk in Battle 1799. John Inman, second son, served as a Soldier (?) years. Benjamin 3d son. Jahuh, 4 son, and Joshuay 5. Emmigrated to America in 1760 after 8 months voyage. Landed in Charleston Harber S.C. Settled at Newberry S. C. Benjamin Inman had a family of 9 children: 8 sons: Ahab, Arther, Benjamin, Jahuh, Fraseth, Chas. George and William and Elizabeth.

Jauhu Inman had a family of 10 children 1801

Joshuay Inman had a family of 8 children 1814

George Inman was my Grandfather. He emigrated from Newberry

S.C. to Pleasant Hill, Ohio in 1818, had a family of 6 children: Henry, George, Benjamin, Sarah, Anna and Susan. D. W. Inman, a grandson of this sketch. Present Address: Versailles Ohio, RR No. 2(7)

As to the family of Sarah E. Inman:

Wm. A. Inman, Born Mar. 19-1871: Wife, Mary E. Cuseman Inman
Annie E. Inman, " Jun. 10-1871. Husband: Thomas M. Anguish
Samuel A. Inman " Apr. 10-1895. Wife: Grace B. Linden Inman
Elwin C. Inman
Erusua F. Inman

Wm. A. Inman & Mary E. Inman: Harold B. Inman b. Nov. 28, 1893. Wife: Carol Michael
Annie E. Inman & Thomas M. Anguish: Maida G. Anguish, Ruth A. Anguish, Florence M. Anguish, Eva G. Inman, Leah J. Inman, Alvin R. Inman.
Samuel A. Inman and Grace B. Inman: Cecil G. Inman, Mildred W - Thelma M. Zora G. : All children of S. A. Inman(8)

Daniel F. Inman, Dec. 12, 1841

Edmond G. Inman, Apr. 24, 1865.(9)

The Ledger next turns to Ahab, son of Samuel & Abigail:

B. Nov 14, 1826. Died Feb. 10, 1827.

Elizabeth (Geyer), b. 2-4-1828; Died Aug. 22, 1917 aged 89 yrs. 6 mo 18 days.

John H. B. 2-28-1830. D. 9-28-1893.

Polly I, M. J. Waters. B. 9-13-1835. Died July 9, 1923, aged 87 yrs. 9 mo. 26 days

Sarah I Everett. B. 8-14-1837. Died March 26, 1896, aged 58 yrs. 7 mo. 12 days.

Abagail Dickson Inman B. 5-6-1805. Died May 24, 1857 aged 52 yrs. 19 days.

Eli I. B 2-19-1842 m. Mary E. Heitsman, issue (see page 2) He died 10-22-1917, age 75 yr. 8 mo. 8 days

Isaac B - 4-24-1844. M. Urania Boyles B. Nov. 9, 1847 Issue Rosa V., Ira Newton b. 10-16, 1872

Francesco D. B. 10.3-1875. Reva A. B. 78-19-1877 & Emma A. b. 8-26-1880, Luther C. B. 12-19-1883.

Salina J. (Sister of Isaac). B. 2-1847 Died 12-26-1895 age 48+

Andrew D., B. 1-12-1849, Died Jan 4-1935 age 87 yrs. +

Chas. W. E., B. 10-15-1860. Died May 1949.(10)

[Editor's note: I believe this ledger was started at the 1917 reunion. The owner updated it thereafter.]

A short ancestral history is also included regarding the Inman name:

Some of the early records of Inman in England--Records show a transaction conveying property in Upper Nedderdale, Yorkshire, Eng. Thus:--William Gresham conveyed to John Tophane, (of Thripland), William Inman, John Bayne, Roger Thackery, Thomas Bucke, and Christopher Rayner (the elder) all of the parish of Kirby Malzeard, the grange called Westholme House, with lands thereto belonging, and parcels of the granges called Burthwaite and Softhouse, with their appurtenances, for the sum of 710 pounds sterling paid prior to the ensealing of the said indenture.

The old grange at Bouthwaite, was for many generations the property and home of the Inmans; connections of the well known recent owners of the Inman line of ocean steam ships. William Inman was living at the grange in 1587, and his will dated 1614, shows that he left to his son Robert, the bulk of his property at Bouthwaite. It was this Robert Inman, known in history, as Bold Robin of Bouthwaite, and he was concerned in the fracas with the Parliament soldiers at Pateley bridge in 1648. He is credited as having slain several thieves in his own house at Bouthwaite, and the weapon (a dagger) alleged to have been used in this conflict is said to have been kept in the family until last century when it was sold. Robert's daughter Grace Inman, married twice: first to Capt. Anthony Beckwith, whose son John Beckwith, married Mary, dau. of Col. Chas. Fairfax, of Minston: Younger brother of Lord Fairfax, General of the northern forces of Parliament 1642 to 5. "Bold Robin" died in 1662 and was succeeded by one of his sons who made his will at Bouthwaite in 1670 leaving his land to his eldest son, Robt. Inman (grandson to B. R.) whose initials and date 1673 can still be seen over the doorway of the old grange. Robert left no son and the grange went to his younger brother, Charles, whose son, Charles, next inherited same; dying in 1749. The family continued to hold lands with the ancient paternal homestead as late as 1830.(11)

Robert Inman of Calfal (Covill) House grange, (Township of Fountains Earth, for Kirby Malzeard) in Yorkshire; a rent paying tenant there. The following partial extract is taken from a book "Upper Nidderdale With the Forest of Knaresborough" buy Harry Speight, Pub. 1906.

Of Fountains Earth, march 30, Hen. VIII* (a. 1539): see Certif. of Musters, Misc. Each.books. T.R. Vol. 38. Of Calfal House Grage, Sept. @1566 to Aug. 10-1568; at which later date, he and Robert Benson pay two years rent due Sept. 29-1568. The following genalogic diagram will show descendants down to dates recent enough to enable research easy:

                                            Robert Inman, viv. a. 1539-1568
                               Wm. Inman 1568-1614 | Jennet Bayne 1585-1632
                                            Robert Inman      John Inman
                                             1585-1662        1590-1667
                                        Michael Inman | Elizabeth Darnbrooke
                                        Robert Inman | Katherine Sowson
                                            1658-1721   1662-1723
        Abigail Whaley  |   Christopher Inman    |   Mary Whitfield (widow)
                a 1716               a 1693-1737                c.a. 1687-1758
                    |                                                                          |
       Michael | Deborah Bayles                           Susanna    |  Charles   |   Mary
        Inman           1720-1782                            Leasson        Inman         Boulby
        1710-1784                                            a.b.a 1751   1725-1767  1727-1785
In Salisbury 1791-1858                                                           Robert Inman | Ann Mashiter
                                                                                                1756-1823    |  1761-1845
                                                    Charles Inman | Jane Clay   Richard Inman | Maria Hindle
                                                       1791-1858    ob.a. 1865   1804-1883     \ 1806-1875
                                                                           |                                              \
                                                    William Inman | Anne S. Stobart   Richard Inman | Anna M.
                                                                           |                                                    |
                                                  Ernest S. Inman | Rose Roster      Alfred H. Inman | Kate Phillip

*Which, I suppose means, during the reign of King Henry the 8th(12)

Regarding Elijah Inman, a writer notes:

Relative to the genealogy of my ancestors, I have never had access to records such as might be found in such records in the historical and genealogical records of the states of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, state libraries nor the genealogical library at Washington D. C. For present, will have to satisfy myself with such data, as I have at my command. Therefore, will begin with such material as seems to be dependable, viz. my Father's Great Grandfather-Elijah Inman; who was born in the year 1718, and who settled in Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co. Pa. in the year 1765. He had seven sons and two daughters as follows:

Edward, Was Col in the War of 1812. His son, John Edward, was my Grandfather, who lived and died near Milledgville, Carroll Co., Ill (13)

Col. Edwards children:

  1. John Edward m. Mollie Hannis
    -- Col. Edward (my father: Col Pa. State Militia) b. Dec. 3-1822. D. Jan. 14-1892. M.      Hariet (Fisher) B. 5-14-1821.
    -- Elijah, b. 4-26-1824
    -- Levi, B 7-12-1829
    -- Mary (Estabrooks)
    -- Annis, Freece. B. 10-9-1827
    -- George, Nov. 19, 1825
    -- Whitney, mar. 14-1838.
  2. Lavina (Esky)
  3. Ruth (Turner)
  4. Jerusha, (Whitney)
  5. Elizabeth (Stiles)

Col. Edward (my father) married Margaret Jane Muchler, Mar 9, 1853:


  1. Jessie Emilia, b. 1-10-1854. D-1-14-1904. Never marr.
  2. Maggie J. (Murdock) Issue, 2 children: Verne and Edna; both living at present, Kansas City, MO.
  3. Harry Levi, married Belle Gregory, Montrose PA; two daughters: twins, Suola and Seola.
  4. Mary H. A. Died in Infancy
  5. Lola C (McGregor) Children: 4, Mary, Isabel, Majorie, Jessie
  6. Edward Ray, married Laura Sheldon of Oswego, N.Y. Issue: five children: married Dec. 28, 1893
  7. Isa I. married Clara Cole; children: 3, Orin C., Myrtle Blanch, Laura May. 2nd marriage to Reva I. Inman, 9-7-1916
  8. Cora B. (Wright) Hon. T. J. two children: Elson, Emet.
  9. Roy C. Had three wives. First, Hannah Griffith, children (first wife) Elmer E. & Bernice

Oren C. Inman, b. April 25, 1891, Janesville, Wis. Married Anna Nielson, Nov. 9-1913. Issue/son Alan O.

Myrtle Blanche; married Herbert Hahn. P.O. Clinton Wis, R. # 2 B. 2-25-1893

Laura May, married Arthur Fritz, issue, 1 son Bobbie (7 generation) Fountain Ave. Hollywood, Cal.

Harriet Inman born May 14, 1821. D. Jan-1893. Married Jacob Fisher, who was born Nov. 16-1819. D. Aug. 18-1878 Had five children, only two of which lived to maturity.

Edward Whitney, b. Aug. 11-1849

Hannah M. (Owen) b. July 12, 1851

Elsworth, who died without issue.

Fisher, 2nd generation

Edward Whitney married Mary Douglas Sept. 23, 1872


  1. John S. Born May 3, 1874. M. Maude Knowlan 4-5-1903. Died without issue
  2. Jacob A., b. Oct. 9, 1875. Died also without issue while attending Wis. University
  3. Happy Harriet, b. 1879. May 14th. Died in Childhood
  4. Joseph B. 5-18-1881
  5. Frank W. B. 8-9-1886. Married June 14, 1915. Fidelia Benton, B. Dec. 17-1887

Hannah Fisher married Judson Owen. Had two children as follows:

Elsworth Owen; who died without issue and Hattie, who married and was living in Kentucky when last heard from. Had Children.

Elijah Inman b. April 24, 1824. Hanover Tp. Luzerne Co. Pa. Married May 1st 1851 to Miss Harriet Barney of that place. Moved to Wis. May-1853; first lived in Plymouth, moving to Bradford in 1863 where he lived a successful farmer up to the time of his death. Children: Milan B. born Sept. 13, 1854. Married Miss Alice Playter. Tehy had one son and one daughter. Ziba B. Aug. 10, 1857; D. July 27, 1862; Grizzie, b. June 10, 1851-married Frank Bradley of Clinton. 4 children; Bertha, Aug. 30, 1867; married Joseph Echlin, Janesville. Had two daughters. Shirley W. B. May 13, 1870. Married: Children: Gilman, Elijah, Foster, Ogdon, Maymie; John E., b.Sept. 3, 1872. married Anna Gately of Janesville. Died in Cal. without children(14)

Apparently at the time of the Inman Reunion in 1917, the writer of this sketch did not know about the Wyoming Valley Massacre. I might also add that the writer of this sketch is a distant cousin of mine on my father's side of the family. I will explain.

As stated in the first issue of this newsletter and in others, I am a direct descendant of Edward Inman of Rhode Island (1620-1706). Edward had a son, Edward (1654-1720). The second Edward also had a son named Edward (1680-1755).

The third Edward Inman (lst wife: Mary Malavery) had ten children:

  1. Michael, d. 1736; m. Hannah ___. A freeman of Glocester in 1732.
  2. Elisha, m. in Glocester, R. I., 16 Jan 1745, Abigail Darling.
  3. Israel, m. in Glocester, 8 Sept. 1751, Freelove Whipple.
  4. Abraham, a freeman of Glocester in 1739.
  5. Edward (my direct ancestor), b. in Providence, R.I. He moved from Glocester, R. I. to Dudley, Mass. in 1770 and died in Dudley in 1778. His wife, Dorcas _____ was still living in 1789.
  6. Elijah, b. in Providence, 1715-19; d. in Luzerne Co., Penn., 1804; m. in Glocester, 24 July 1740, Susannah Inman.
  7. Susanna, m. ________ Walling
  8. Priscilla, m. Daniel Walling.
  9. Penelope, m. John Mowry.
  10. Mary, m. _______ Walling.(15)

The History of Hanover Township and Wyoming Valley gives the following information concerning the Inman family there:

ELIJAH INMAN was born in Connecticut in 1718; married Susan ____; came to Hanover previous to the Wyoming Massacre with a large family, there being seven sons, the youngest being 15 at the time of the Wyoming Massacre; died in 1804 aged 86; his residence was on the River Road on Solomon's Creek, north side, a half mile below the present Buttonwood bridge. They had:

Elijah Inman, b d. 1778: Killed in Wyoming Massacre
Israel Inman, b. d. 1778: Killed in Wyoming Massacre
David Inman, b. d. 1778; died from exposure at the massacre
Isaac Inman, b. 1760, d. 1778; killed by Indians near home
Richard Inman, b. 1751, d. 1831 m. Hannah Spencer
John Inman, b. 1758, d. 1814
Edward Inman, b. 1763, d. 1848; m. Jerusha Dilley.

RICHARD INMAN (Elijah) was born in Connecticut in 1751; came to Hanover with his family before the Revolutionary War; was in the Wyoming Massacre and escaped; was the man that saved Rufus Bennett's life by shooting the Indian in chase of him; married Hannah Spencer; lived in Hanover at Buttonwood; died there in 1831. They had:

Israel Inman m. ___________Himmelreid.
Isaac Inman
Caleb Inman, m. Elizabeth Hartzell
Richard Inman, m. _____ Brandon
Walter Inman, m. _____Alden
John Inman, m. ________ Brandon
Parry Inman, m. _______ Van Buskirk
Mary Inman
Susan Inman, m. ______Ely
Margaret Inman, m. Robert Valentine.

JOHN INMAN (Elijah) was born in Connecticut in 1758; came to Hanover with his father's family; married; lived in Buttonwood; died there in 1814. They had:

Hiram Inman
Richard Inman

EDWARD INMAN (Elijah) was born in Connecticut in 1763; came to Hanover with his father's family; married Jerusha Dilley; lived on Inman's Hill near Buttonwood, hanover; died there in 1848. They had;

Lovina Inman, b. 1787, d. 1874 m. John Espy
Jemima Inman, m. John Turner
Susan Inman m. John Whitney
Jerusha Inman m. William Jackson
John E. Inman m. Mary Hannis
Elizabeth Inman, b. 1801. d. 1851 m. ____ Stiles

JOHN E. INMAN (Edward,Elijah) was born in Hanover; married Mary Hannis; lived on the Middle Road; removed to the West in 1856 with his whole family. They had:

Edward Inman
Elijah Inman m. ____Barney
Annice Inman m. Dr. ___ Freece
George Inman m. Mary Garringer
Mary Inman
Levi Inman m. ____ Robins
Whitney Inman

ISRAEL INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; owned the tavern in Solomon's Gap at the head of the lower plane; married ____ Himmelreid; went West with his whole family in 1840; lived in Wisconsin. They had:

David Inman m. Jane _____
Richard Inman
Israel Inman
Cyprian Inman
Peter Inman
Hannah Inman m. Robert Burt.

ISAAC INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; married ?; went west in 1840. They had

Caleb Inman
Spencer Inman

CALEB INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; married Elizabeth Hartzell; removed to the West in 1843; lived in Wisconsin. They had:

Harrison Inman, b. 1817,
Thomas Inman, b. 1819
Lyman Inman, b. 1821
Jonas Inman, b. 1824
Edward Inman, b. 1827
Margaret Inman, b. 1830
Mary Inman, b. 1833.

RICHARD INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; married E_____ Brandon; went to Wisconsin in 1840. They had:

Wesley Inman
Harvey Inman
Margaret Inman
James Inman

JOHN INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; married _____ Brandon; went to Wisconsin in 1840. They had

John B. Inman.

WALTER INMAN (Richard, Elijah) was born in Hanover; married ____Alden; went to Wisconsin in 1840; live there.(16)

I found an old picture postcard fastened inside the ledger. On the front is a picture of Big Rock Monterey, Janesville, Wis. The barely legible writing on the back reads:

South from this rock, on the opposite shore of Rock River, the first white man's home to be occupied in Rock Co. Wis. was built in 1835 by John Inman and 5 other men. This Inman was a first cousin to Irving's grandfather, Edward Inman. John Inman's great grandfather, Elijah Inman settled in Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co., Penn. in 1765. Said Elijah & wife, Susanna lost 4 boys killed by Indians. 2 were killed in great massacre. Their names are on the Wyoming Monument. The Slocums were near neighbors when little Francis was taken by Indians.(17)

Additional information from this ledger will be run in future editions of the newsletter. One of those items is a narrative concerning the migration of John Inman to Wisconsin in 1835. Other items include information concerning Inman cemeteries in Illinois and elsewhere.


My grandson is connected with the Inman family. His gggrandmother was Mary Elizabeth Inman who was born 6 Mar 1857 in Williamsburg, Whitley, KY. She was the daughter of Elijah Inman and Charlotte Sego. The above is all the information I have been able to find so far. If you have any knowledge of this line, I would appreciate any help you could give me. Margaret Strachan Thompson, 3813 Crestwood Terrace, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

I have some ancestors whose names were Inman. Some started in Graves Co., Ky; moved to Pulaski Co., Mo; and finally came to Carroll/Boone Counties, AR. There were 2 families. One family from Graves County, KY was Jackson and Elizabeth Inman. Another family of Inmans who settled in Madison County, AR was Henry and Catherine Inman. Do you have any information about these families. Bill Leatherbury. E-Mail:, or contact him through this newsletter.

I have a Bazeel Inman who came to Parkman, Geauga Co. OH in the early 1800s. I am most interested in his inlaws, cousins, etc. with names like More/Moore, Smith, Owen, Young. Walt. E-Mail:; Walt Newcomb, 750 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

I am a descendant of an Inman family and descend from John Anderson Inman (born ca 1821 in Haywood Co., NC). He married Sarah Riddle in McMinn Co., TN and served in the Civil War as a Union soldier. He was dead by the time of the 1880 Census. Charles Ward, 6712 Moss Lake Drive, Hixson, Tennessee 37343; E-Mail -

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