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The Inman Coats of Arms, several known crests attributed to the Inman families.

Jane Inman, Daughter of Abednego Inman and Wife of Argyle Taylor, Carl J. York (09/06/2005) 

The WW I Diary of Edward Inman of MI, Nola Sue Inman Greenman-Clawson 07/4/02

Those Funny Names, William Charles Inman. 02/23/02

Inman Family History, as told by Carroll Crosby Inman, from Maggie Inman 03/27/01

Inman, Wilson, Carden, Brown Families of TN - MO - AR - CA - MO - IT- OK, by Alice Faye Weaver Brown 01/27/01

Family Letters Discussing the History of the Family of John Jackson Inman, by Alma and Carlos McAfee and Bessie Fay McAfee Shogren Dyer. 01/27/01

The INMAN and WEATHERWAX FAMILY, history taken from the diaries of John M. Inman by Mrs. Watts. 12/27/00

The INMAN and McCORMICK Family, by Gwen Patton Inman. 12/27/00

Early Rhode Island Settlers, Edward Inman, Ruth L. May 12/19/00

A Letter from Nora Belle Inman on her family's history, of IA, KS, OR 12/06/00

Excerpts from letter written by Edgar Inman addressed to his niece,
Catherine Inman Heironimus, daughter of Otis Inman

The Locating of Possum Hollow Cemetery - Audrey Woodruff 07/21/00

Elmer Inman and the Ma Barker Gang - Submitted by Georgia Chirieleison 07/20/00

The Inman Road Leads to the Ozarks - Donna Inman 07/20/00

Robert D. Inman - Our Earliest Chairman. 04/14/00

MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW: Daniel Boone - Thomas Julian Bryant 03/04/00

Articles on the founding of Inman, NE
  An Account of Inman Pioneer Day in NE, Holt Co., NE INDEPENDENT, 2 pages AND
  Inman History, Sarah Michaelis - Source unknown 02/24/00

HISTORY OF HANOVER TOWNSHIP AND WYOMING VALLEY, Luzerne County, PA, Henry Blackman Plumb, 1885 01/27/00

Remembering Hometown (MO) and Those who Lived There - The Inman Ellen Potillo family of Butler Co., MO 12/19/1999

The Story of Danville, CA Two Inmans help settle Danville, CA 11/11/99

They Passed This Way: The History of the Blackstone, Galloway, Inman and Some Related Families, Grace Yvonne Harper  9/11/99

Area History: Battle and Massacre af Wyoming: Luzerne (then Northumberland) Co, PA 4/23/99

The Inman Family (of MA/PA), Luther Valley Centennial 1839-1939. 4/18/99

THE INMANS OF GARSDALE, YORKSHIRE: The Origins and Family of the Reverend Richard Inman of Todwick, near Sheffield, Yorkshire, by Nancy McLaughlin, 4/7/99

Henry Inman, the Artist, Brief History and 2 images, 3/6/99

A Short Account of the Family of Inman of Nidderdale, by Alfred H. Inman, 2/17/99

The Case of TRAMMELL et al against SAMUEL INMAN - 2/15/99

Joel Cowan Inman, To Oregon in 1852, 4 pages- 2/3/99

Articles on Mary Perlina Inman Cox - from John N. Cox

Inman Family Research - by Brian Christesen, research in to the family of Ammi William and Kitty Deyoe Inman of IL.

The Inman Branch from The Vineland Historical Magazine, 3 pages

The Inman Purchase in North Smithfield by Fred A. Arnold, 28 pages

Wheeler's History of NC, extract, 1 page

The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell by Dean Crawford Smith, 7 pages

Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island, Family sketches, 6 pages

The Inmans and Those Related, compiled by I. I. Inman, 35 pages

The Inman Name, by James B. Inmon, 3 pages

The Inman Family of Surry and Sussex Counties, Virginia and some of their kin, by Joseph Francis Inman, 27 pages

George Inman’s Narrative of the American Revolution, by George Inman, 13 pages

The Inman Line from 'North Atlantic Seaway’, by N. R. P. Bonsor, 3 pages

Arrest and Trial of Joseph Inman of Orono, for Murder in 1801, unknown, 4 pages

The Inman Family, by Mrs. May Inman Gray, Augusta Bradford & Mrs. Ruth W. O'Dell, 2 pages

The Inman Family in Dubois County, IN, by Alma Chattin Lindbergh, 14 pages

Tall Trees in the Forest The Woodruff Family of Virginia, Alabama and Missouri and the Related Families of Walker and Inman, by Mrs. Howard Walker (Audrey Lee) Woodruff, 32 pages

Delving into the Ancestry and Progeny of Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego Inman, by Buis T. Inman, 13 pages

Letters to Buis Inman by Allan L. Poe, 4 pages

Some Notes on the Inman Family by William Oliver Inman, Jr, 12 pages

Letters to Augusta Bradford by William Graham Inman, Charles Inman, Emma McLean and Nancy Stafford, 5 pages

Daniel Inman of Connecticut, Ontario, NY, and Sugar Grove, IL and his Descendants ca. 1776 - ca. 1976 with Ancestral Notes to the Early Eighteenth Century by Charles G. Inman, 84 pages

The Immigration to Arkansas by Otis Glynn Inman, 7 pages

Early Inmans of the South by Randy McConnell, 55 pages - revision 2/19/1998

A Biographical Sketch of Sarah Elizabeth Inman and William Daniel Wilson, by Alice Faye Weaver Brown, 17 pages

Inman, Lanier Marched Northward, by Webb Garrison, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

History of Luzerne County, Source unknown, 1 page

A Supreme Court  Case involving the Inman Steamship Lines, 1894.

Fall of the House of Inman, a photo and small article on the demolition of Robert Inman's home in Portland, OR, from LIFE - Jan. 26, 1959, 1 page.

Across the Plains in '65, Robert Inman's account of his trip west to OR, "History of the Columbia River Valley, by Fred Lockley, 8 pages

My Grandfather, Willis Taylor Inman by Mrs. W. J. Henning, 5 pages

Major Henry Inman, from the history of the city of Inman, KS, 2 pages

Under Barnegat's Beam; Light Happenings Along the Jersey Shore, by Bayard Randolph Kraft 1 pages

Some Pioneer Settlers on Upper Penobscot, by Joseph W. Porter

Samuel Guy Inman and Intervention in Mexico, by Kenneth F. Woods, 14 pages

George Nicholas Rees, Born to Be a Poet, by Kathleen Van Buskirk, 3 pages

The Inmon Family Plants Roots in Wilbarger County, by Clint Inmon, 4 pages

In Boston: Inside a Tortured Mind (Arthur Crew Inman), by Gregory Jaynes, 2 pages

The Riddle of TLE (Arthur Crew Inman), by Eve LaPlante, 4 pages

From a Darkened Room, The Inman Diary Condensed, a press release about the new book by Daniel Aaron, 1 page 3/12/99

The Story of Craig County (OK) its People and Places, from County Historical book, 8 pages

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, from the Knoxville News-Sentinel, 3 Pages

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, from the Denver Post, 1 Page 3/12/99

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, from the Milwaukee Sentinal Journal, 1 Page 3/12/99

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, from the Mobile Register,
1 Page

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, from the Atlantic Monthly,
1 Page

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, by Karen Bornstein, 1 Page 3/12/99

Cold Mountain, a review of the book, by Felice Aull, 1 Page 3/12/99

Cold Mountain, a review of the audio, by Sukey Howard, 1 Page 3/12/99


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